Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let us take a break from the Hip Hop world......


Maybe Judy Wasylycia-Leis should have referred to Sam Katz as DADDY a couple times at the forum on Wednesday October 6th.

On October 3, The Winnipeg Free Press published an article about gender issues in the mayoral election. Shannon Sampert, an assistant professor in the University of Winnipeg's department of politics was quoted saying, "If she loses it will be because she's a woman." Sampert further supported her point by saying, "The problem is women are evaluated differently. Sam Katz's vulnerability is he dates younger women, but a lot of men think, 'Good for him.' But Judy will be seen as a tough feminist."

I am no political buff. But after reading The Winnipeg Free Press on Wednesday and then experiencing the gendered name calling at the political forum, which took place at our Red River Downtown Campus, it made me ponder the gender issues in this election. It disgusts me that Sam Katz, continuously called Judy mother throughout the forum. It was extremely condescending and childish. Judy's digs at Sam were not personal insults; they were commentary on his job as mayor. Her comments could have been used whether she was talking about a male or a female opponent. His comments were merely focused on her gender. In my opinion this shows lack of intelligence on the part of Sam Katz. If he wanted to slam Judy he could have came up with a more intelligent way to do so.