Thursday, March 10, 2011


I want to be the black man in Chelsea Handler’s life. If any of you watch her show then you know about her obsession with rappers. Just another similarity we share.

But she needs to put down the rappers and look my way. 

I mean, HEY GURL HEY….

I officially have tickets to go see Chelsea perform stand up live on June 4th. SO this blog needs to become my number one priority. I have 3 months to convince Chelsea that she should let me backstage to take a shot of vodka with her. So I need your guys help what kind of stunts can I pull to get her attention?

That means you too Chelsea. Taylor Swift was nice enough to hug those two white bros.  So send me some tasks like she sent them and I’ll complete them…. (But I don’t want to do cheesy tasks like hugging strangers and helping older people. We both know blondes don’t do things like that.)