Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I find myself wearing rolled up jeans with heels carrying my feet, my hands are double fisting vodka drinks and more often than not I find myself saying unflattering things about Angelina Jolie. 

People are beginning to worry about me.

So I decided to get in contact with the most reliable source for help, WEB MD. I explained my symptoms and nothing seemed to come up! Well nothing besides MR.Web MD telling me I'm fricking awesome. So I took my issues to a larger source, GOOGLE. That which WEB MD does not know, Google will.

This turned up:

Chelsea Handler Syndrome
(Also known as CHS)

A condition in which you've watched so much 'Chelsea Lately' or 'The Chelsea Handler Show' that you've come to talk, look, and move your body like her. You say things like 'shadoobie', 'pikachu', and 'little nugget', all while trashing Britney Spears. When you say things that you got from Chelsea, some people (recognizing your reference) will say "OKAY, Chelsea Handler" But as an addict, you find it complimenting.

Is there a support group for this?