Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moonlight Sonata Of Beethoven Blatz

This play was PRETTY COOL.

Tuesday night all of us CreCommers filled in the The Rachelle Browne Theatre to watch Armin Wiebe's play Moonlight Sonata Of Beethoven Blatz. I remember being tired, cranky and unwilling to experience the play. The thing that I find hardest to conquer while in CreComm is energy levels. We get to do all these things that are "pretty cool" -(Miley Cyrus voice) but I’m usually too exhausted to be excited about them. But once I sit there for a while and give my head a shake, I'm like damn this is wicked. If I wasn't sitting in this theatre learning Low German right now, I'd be at home watching the West Wing. So I got my mind right and then I really did enjoy the play. I've gone to my fair share of Fringe Fest plays, and radical feminist plays for various women studies classes but I would not call myself a regular play connoisseur. But I took what I could from it and enjoyed it.

Armin was a creative writing teacher at RRC before he retired and Karen took over. I suck at creative writing so I figured me and this Armin character wouldn't really get along. But he was interesting and engaging as he spoke to our class the following Thursday. He even grinned through all the sex scene questions. HUBBA HUBBA.

The play itself was an interesting story of marriage, betrayal, the desire to have children and some sort of lesbianism. This is a play that needed to be seen with other people in the audience. If it wasn't for the non CreCommers in the audience I wouldn't have known when to laugh and when to cry. I followed the cues from the audience on how to react to parts of the play that I did not understand.

And to the ladies who were whispering about college kids being late for everything, this is CreComm. I’m never late.