Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Blonde Poncho has not been DECODED.

Winnipeg is what it is. I feel like people constantly complain about the city, while they’re dreaming of how to break free from it. I am one of those people. But I can go through spurts where I become enchanted with the city and all its happenings. I forget for mere moments that I want to leave this city. But then something like this happens....

I wake up Tuesday morning, specifically November 16, 2010. I know today will be a great day. November 16, 2010 is the day Jay-Z’s autobiography is released. His autobiography is titled Decoded. This book will complete.

I go to school and have trouble focusing. Give me a break teachers, I HAVE JAY ON THE BRAIN. I leave school and race to Chapters. They don’t seem to have the book on special display anywhere in the store. WEIRD. If i was in charge the book would have been front and centre. *With a life size cardboard version of Jay standing next to the table displaying the books

I venture over to a computer. And it says there is no Decoded in stock. I venture over to a worker and ask about the possibilities of another Chapters having the book in stock? She looks it up on her computer. And then, she looks up from her computer screen. She looks me directly in the eyes and says NO. They haven’t been shipped yet.

 (Book signing. NOT IN WINNIPEG.)

Sorry Winnipeg, but this would NEVER happen in Toronto.

Winnipeg, you lose.
Jay, I’m still your biggest fan.
Decoded, I will conquer you soon enough. (actually not soon enough, but eventually)