Sunday, October 16, 2011


For those of you who don't know I'll say it again,  I LOVE RICK ROSS.

On Friday it was reported that while on a plane ride to Memphis from Florida, Rick Ross had a seizure. There was a doctor on the plane but Ross was unconscious so the plane had to make an emergency landing. The story broke while Ross was still unconscious. Fans waited with baited breath for the outcome. Thankfully, the medical team got him up and running again.

While the news was being reported I was stuck in class and in a full blown panic attack mode. I desperately needed to be following the story. Sources that were reporting on the incident were not updating fast enough on his progress, so I took to twitter to follow the people in his entourage. Eventually tweets came in that Rick Ross was fine and it was nothing but a minor hiccup in the world of his health.

TMZ had the most up to the minute report on the situation and I was continuously refreshing their page all day. Eventually other entertainment sources were carrying the story as well. And then some information was released that I don't believe.

BET tweeted:

The link led to a video of Ross sitting on a plane. In the video he says that he just boarded the plane and was headed to Memphis.  Now in my opinion, this video was filmed before the seizure as he doesn't mention anything about the incident. But as you can see BET claims it was filmed after the incident to prove that he’s ok. I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS VIDEO WAS FILMED AFTER THE INCIDENT. NO WAY. I thought how can an organization get away with posting a video and claiming it’s footage of the rapper after his seizures, when clearly it is not.

 Then I saw on Ross' twitter that he posted the video as well.

 It’s a weird situation. In the video Ross looks completely fine and not disoriented at all. He does not mention the seizure or the emergency landing. He talks about his upcoming show in Memphis and asks us all to download his new singles off itunes. (DO IT)

Anyways, I just don’t believe the time frame of this video.  I feel like they are claiming that this video is something that it is not. And it's REALLY bugging me. Whether Ross is condoning it or not, it's still annoying to be given fake information.

Of course everyone wanted to know that Rick Ross was ok (except for his competition), but posting a video under false pretenses is not the ethical way to go about confirming that he's doing better.