Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Using the word Crunk appropriately.

Last week I was raving about mustaches, yes yes yes so fantastic. This week I am ranting about a mustache event! Pretending I still have a social life, I ventured into the Facebook Events page to see what was going on in the month of Movember. (Fooling myself to think that I have any time for fun activities with only four weeks left of this term.) Anyways, I came across a couple events for Movember.
But as I continued searching I became a little disturbed. Can I just say a mustache must have rubbed me the wrong way! (HA!) I am not promoting these events, but you must get a visual on the posters to understand what is happening here,

Sooooo this is where I begin to feel awkward. Clearly this is only my third month in the fake marketing world (aka school) but, this last poster is giving me the mad creeps. Now I can get crunk from time to time. And I can even say the word crunk from time to time. (SO EMBARASSING, I only use it when I'm already "crunk" clearly) And I am a hundred times more likely to attend an event where the money is going to charity. Now I may or may not attend this event, even though the mesasge is POOR the money is still going to the right place.

Soooo let us just focus on the tagline... CRUNK FOR THE CURE.

Is this making anyone feel awkward? Or in the end, it doesn't matter because the money we pay at the door is doing some good in Manitoba?

I don't know why it bugs me so much. I guess I feel like it is just lazy marketing or something….


  1. Hi Lindsey,

    As a friend to many of the DJs who are donating their time, as well as the organizer of the event (John Lambert, aka Ric Hard) I believe their intention with the word "crunk" was referring to the type of music, not a sense of being... All the DJs who are spinning are hip-hop based, so as someone who has seen this poster amidst my facebook invites, I assumed thats what type of atmosphere/beats would be playing :) .

  2. Yeah forsure no disrespect at all,I will probably end up going to the event.

    I just think when the average person browses that Facebook invite they will most likely think of crunk in terms of "being crazy drunk" before they would reference it to the music.

  3. i think you both have a valid point :)
    when i first saw the poster i didn't think "let's get wasted to cure cancer" i saw "let's party and fundraise for the cure"
    maybe at first glance it was upsetting for you linds, becuase you're more familiar with the term where as i thought it was a dance move i should never try. EEK