Friday, January 7, 2011

I have some ideas, that cannot yet be shared.

This blog is boring and unfocused. I've come up with an idea to make this blog interesting and focused. This idea, you can say is my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION.

Unfortunately I cannot discuss this AMAZING goal and resolution. First I must discuss with my PR teacher to see if she thinks it is appropriate for my school based blog.

So this post is basically fulfilling my requirements for the week of at least blogging once. As well it is to inform you of the greatness that will be coming in the future.....

Ps. the official future of this blog is next week. So check back.

(this is where my inspiration for the future came from: )

BUT Taylor Swift is not my hero...this lady is:


  1. oh my gosh you're gonna hug Mary-Kate! Ashley! Khloe! Kim! The other one! Jay-Z! I don't know... you're into a few people. but this sounds cool i'm looking forward to this incredible new blog

  2. can you hurry up please?! I wanna know what this is all about since you pretty much see me 99.9991% of the day and won't tell me! :P

  3. Ha ha, even though I know I won't see the new blog until next Friday, I still keep checking EVERYDAY. This secret idea seems to be working out well for you...

    Tune into To The Last Word next week where I will release... DU DU DUNN my real hair colour! SAY WHAT?

    Maybe I need to rethink this... your secret still seems more secretive.

  4. maybe there's nothing more secretive than my real hair color! haha

    in all honestly i feel like the blog post gives away the secret!