Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NOTEBOOK: Facebook and Twitter


In my very extreme primary stages of becoming a PR executive, I am still currently using Facebook as a personal social network tool. I use it primarily to keep in touch with friends who live outside of Winnipeg. After I’ve kept in touch with everyone I then use it to creep on other people, and then I use it in its pure narcissistic fashion to see pictures of myself out last weekend or last whenever..... (since I am a CreComm student. haha!) The one productive way I currently use Facebook is to see what is going on in the city. I use Facebook to fill up my social calendar. It keeps me on top of what’s going on in Winnipeg with very little effort.

My friends use Facebook the same way I use it. Although they probably won’t admit that they look at pictures of themselves. next, next, next..


I use Twitter as entertainment. I love following celebrities, fashion houses and friends to keep updated on my own mini world.  If I didn’t frequently check my Twitter feed I’d be afraid that I was missing out on something like a joke, a hilarious twit pic, a promotion or a great celebrity rant.

In my opinion Twitter will be the tool I use more in my career in the public relations field. It's interactive without being invasive or as time consuming as Facebook.  I can get the sense of a person and their twitter persona by reading five of their latest tweets. I don't have to waste my time on long winded "info" pages on Facebook or poor over countless self portrait profile pictures.  Plus, being tweeted @ is much “cooler” than getting a Facebook message. Although Twitter is progressively being used by all it is still newer and more cutting edge than Facebook. And there is even a more dire need to not be left out of the loop on Twitter. If I don’t check Facebook I might miss out on what Jenny wrote to Timmy's wall. But if I don’t check my Twitter I might miss out on what nasty thing 50 Cent tweeted about Chelsea Handler.  (I couldn't handle missing that)

 I check Facebook once a day, I check Twitter between every ten minute break in my day. I find Twitter more interactive because it’s a conversation more so than a comment.  And on Twitter I’m just willing to see more. On Facebook I want to keep it private. I want to check out events, I want to laugh at my friends pictures and like your comment on that friend’s picture. I don’t want to be talked to by strangers and I don’t want to be sold something. But on Twitter I’m open for it all. Someone tweets at you, you check out their tweets and maybe reply. I need help or want to reach someone who is interested in pink long hair cats. I tweet about it. I get re-tweeted cause I’m a freak. And then I get a reply. Its faster, more effective and just a more useful as TOOL.

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