Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Screw Valentines Day. Happy Nugget day to you and yours.

When thinking of all the reasons I love Chelsea Handler I have to admit the way she treats others is what I admire most about her. She enjoys the company of dogs, older men, gays, rappers, some political incorrect things I won't name, and of course faithful nuggets.

Now a page from the Chelsea dictionary:
Nugget: A nugget is a friendly term for soul mate. The relationship one holds with their nugget is completely platonic but for some reason you love them more than anyone you've ever loved. As well your nugget is never as dominate as you and lets you be in control aka "lets you get away with a lot". Although the nugget does have creative control to fire back at you as you continuously make jabs at them. But in the end your life would generally be impossible to live without your nugget.

physical appearance of a nugget:
-of ethnic decent

Nuggets in action:

Now I have a nugget in my life. I've only known him since September but I could not function as a human being without him. He fits most categories of the nugget requirements 101. EXCEPT the chubby part, as he is an athelete who walks to school both ways everyday!!! (unless I drive him home of course.)

Me and My Nugget


  1. SO MANY nugget jokes come to mind, here is the best one.

    "I would buy six of Brian and dip him in sweet and sour sauce."

  2. ha i just had to keep scrolling to confirm that yes, Brian is involved.

  3. BEST FRIENDS. can i be the stylist with starbucks and over sized rings or the nuggets 2nd cousin or something?

  4. hahahah made me laugh out loud.
    you can carry the the starbucks AND be a cousin.
    you're baby size too!